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Posted by Russell Elliot on 05 December
Currently, only the results of a research study are 'democratised', shared, in the form of reports to senior management, with recommendations for certain actions. But what happens when the research experience itself is democratised to include the whole organisation?
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Tags: Market Research Employee Engagement Business Strategy

Posted by Sally Nicholls on 26 November
Everyone knows about the importance of GDPR; but if this was true, then how come there still data scandals occurring due to the gross misuse of data? A global shift in how we view data needs to occur in order for data to be handled with the care it deserves.
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Tags: Market Research Customer Experience Research in Society

Posted by Emily James on 22 November
As insight professionals, you've undoubtedly heard a lot about insight activation. But what does it actually mean to ‘activate insight’, and how can we increase our chances (if not ensure) that the insights we send across in research reports to clients are actually listened to?
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Tags: Insight Innovation Market Research Business Strategy

Posted by Emily James on 15 November
Market research is a constantly evolving industry, with innovations happening in all stages of the research experience. Which 4 insight innovations should smart researchers keep an eye on for the future?
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Posted by Emily James on 08 November
On the evening of 7th November 2019, I and a few of my work colleagues went to the second-ever Women in Research Manchester event; here is what we learnt.
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Tags: Insight Innovation Market Research Research in Society