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Posted by Josie Sanderson on 07 August
To lead the way in market research, insight professionals need a wide range of skills; as times change and the industry becomes ever-more competitive, the skills required will undoubtedly change too. What skills will insight professionals need in the future?
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Tags: Insight Innovation Agile Market Research

Posted by Emily James on 02 August
In a modern marketplace, where the lifespan of a company has dwindled by over a decade - how can you predict where your brand (or any) will be within the next ten years?
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Tags: Insight Innovation Agile Business Strategy

Posted by Laura Calvert on 30 July
Online communities promote a sense of belonging, and with this desire to feel a part of a community comes social influence and conformity as a side effect - how can we promote the expression of individual thought and opinions as a counter to social influence?
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Posted by Emily James on 22 July
For all that marketing departments and agencies use market research, only a few of them are truly customer-centric. How can market research and insights enhance marketing strategies to have the most impact and success?
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Posted by Paul Hudson on 10 July
There are 5 truths that the insights industry typically find it hard to confront, however, uncomfortable truths like these are the key to opening up the industry to more great opportunities for innovation.
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