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Posted by Charlotte Evans on 21 February
There are a variety of businesses are already demonstrating how to impactfully fuse quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in the pursuit of more accurate and in-depth insights; let's take a look at three brilliant examples of fusion research in action.
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Tags: Insight Innovation Market Research Business Strategy

Posted by Paul Hudson on 19 February
Filled with more thought-provoking case studies, innovative methodologies, and inspiring workshops, the momentum of this event carried us well to the very end. Here are Paul's musings and experiences of the second day of the Qual360 EU 2020 conference.
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Tags: Insight Innovation Research in Society Event Summary

Posted by Paul Hudson on 18 February
A summary of the themes and topics discussed in the first day of Qual360 EU's two-day conference 2020. Containing inspiring case studies and a myriad of thought-provoking discussions from a diverse range of speakers, it's safe to say that this was a brilliant start to the event.
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Tags: Business Strategy Research in Society Event Summary

Posted by Emily James on 17 February
Short answer: yes! But why? Simply put, voice of customer analysis is the core of market research, and the process from which valuable insights are generated, insights that could be the key to helping companies revolutionise their industry.
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Posted by Christopher Martin on 07 February
Agile methodologies have revolutionised how IT and development team operate. Now they're being adoped by market research pros - but what skills should agile insight teams to give themselves the best chance of success?
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Tags: Agile Market Research Business Strategy