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Posted by Emily James on 28 January
Brand archetypes are inherently useful as they provide a starting point or a goal upon which businesses can build their brand identity, but how can businesses know which brand archetype most suits their organisation? How can research strengthen brand identity through measuring consumer perception?
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Posted by Christopher Martin on 21 January
As an industry, we are obsessed – and rightly so – with customer and user experiences; tangible value is gained from improving customer experiences. So why do we not explore participant experiences in the same way? How can we improve the participant experience for better valuable insights?
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Posted by Samantha Nicholson on 16 January
Market research is an ever-growing industry, crowded and constantly changing. Thus, as insight professionals, it is essential that we are continually seeking self-improvement and looking for new and exciting approaches to our work. This blog explores how we can boost our career to the next level.
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Posted by Emily James on 11 January
With the demands of the insights industry constantly changing it has become necessary to create a research platform that can evolve alongside the industry in order to keep meeting it's needs. With all the benefits of an integrated platform, will it feature in the future of market research?
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Posted by Christopher Martin on 07 January
As research geeks, we love to read engaging commentaries, debates and opinions on methodologies, trends and innovations. These are the top 12 market research blogs we'll be following in 2019 to stay up to date.
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