The Challenges of Integrating AI into Online Research Software

Annette Smith

Pitch It: The Business Case for Customer Salience

As insight experts, we understand the power of insights, their inherent value in key decision-making...


Emily James

    The Challenges of Integrating AI into Online Researc...

    Everything seems to come with a sprinkling of AI fairy dust these days. Whether it’s summaries of toaster reviews on Amazon, marketing collateral featuring customers with more than the usual number of...

    7 MIN READ

    Annette Smith

    How to Tell Your Insights’ Story

    If you search "storytelling in insight" on any search engine, you get lots of results as to WHY we should be using storytelling within insight, but very little explaining how to go about doing it.

    11 MIN READ

    Charlotte Duff

    5 Design Principles To Enhance Your Market Research

    Design is something we all use, whether consciously or unconsciously in the insights industry. Design is crucial for engaging customers in your work, in your research, and in your products. So, why do...

    8 MIN READ

    Sophie Grieve-Williams

    How to Engage Each Generation in Market Research

    Engaging consumers in research has always been a challenge for insight experts, and this challenge becomes even more difficult with research projects that run for a significant amount of time. It’s no...

    10 MIN READ

    Hannah McGeoghegan

    Maintaining Human Relationships in Online Research S...

    With an increasing proportion of the global population now living online, often regardless of traditional social or global demographics, market researchers have a growing ability to tap into truly rep...

    7 MIN READ

    Lucy Bridges

    6 Ways to Engage Remote Stakeholders in Insights

    Since the pandemic, remote or hybrid working has become much more commonplace and widely seen as a more flexible way of working, with some associating it with higher job satisfaction and well-being. H...

    8 MIN READ

    Michael Connor

    How to Build Impactful Research Partnerships

    Insight experts and teams often feel like they are fighting a battle on all fronts. With stakeholders drifting further away from insights, market research budgets being slashed throughout all industri...

    7 MIN READ

    Emily James

    Re-Writing Accessibility in Market Research

    Accessibility is a crucial, yet continuously overlooked, aspect of market research that insight experts need to re-introduce into the market research design stage. Having previously worked in historic...

    8 MIN READ

    Nikki Foster

    Is Your Sample Ample? Common Issues and How To Avoid...

    Good sampling doesn’t guarantee success, but a poor sample will guarantee failure.

    7 MIN READ

    Russell Elliot

    What Do UK Consumers Think About Market Research?

    When I sat down to plan this blog, I immediately thought: what aspect of market research do I not think about enough?

    17 MIN READ

    Gareth Bowden