Introducing SurveyMR 2.0 and Flowchart Inspired Scripting

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    Surveys have been the king of modern market research for quite some time now, with all market research professionals inevitably gaining a lot of experience in survey design and creation right from the start.

    But with every market research software developer developing their own survey tool with its own language and format, it can be incredibly difficult to follow the logic of each individual tool if the user is inexperienced in survey scripting. Thus, the scripting is typically left to professionals, and widens the damaging distance between market research and those external to the insights industry, further defining organisational silos.

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    Surveys are the king of modern market research, but with each survey tool using its own logical language, we're building the very borders around our industry that we're striving to take down. It's time for change.

    With the amount of importance being put on surveys, this type of process is limiting the accessibility of the insights industry, and we can only do so much as researchers to spread good insights where they’re needed. So, here at FlexMR, we’ve decided to do something about it and redesign the survey scripting process to be more human-centred and intuitive; creating a rich quantitative research experience through a visual flowchart-inspired design.

    Introducing SurveyMR 2.0


    Typically, survey scripting is loaded with routing logic that gets more confusing the longer and more complex a survey needs to be. Easily keeping track of complex routing such as this requires a strong and agile mind and more time than is normally at our disposal, but with the right survey visualisation interface, anyone can create a complex, and more importantly, a quality survey that takes into account the participant experience just as much as the data that need to be generated.

    Simplifying this survey creation process is the key to widening the accessibility of the most depended on tool in the market research industry without the need for professional supervision, simply by reframing the interface from something very technical to something very easy-to-understand at a single glance. The user can draw a survey in the form of a flowchart onto a blank canvas, through a series of boxes, nodes, and connecting branches, allowing for opportunities to easily spot better survey structures and mistakes in the routing.

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    Through the use of the universally-recognised flowchart format, it takes no time at all to create a complex, quality, and effective survey that generates in-depth, valuable insights.

    The easily editable format drastically cuts down the time it takes for the user to create a survey, meaning that once a research opportunity is identified, a survey can be drawn up and distributed to participants in no time at all! There are a vast array of question types for the user to choose from, as well as the option to optimise the surveys for mobile, tablet, and PC, allowing for infinitely better engagement rates and ultimately leads to in-depth, quantifiable, and valuable insights for all.

    SurveyMR and InsightHub

    This new SurveyMR 2.0 tool is one of ten that fits into the wider function of the InsightHub platform, which provides easy insights for all users. Our InsightHub provides access to all of a brand’s market research on one online platform, and enables global brands to generate, analyse and activate insight at the speed of business.

    Multiple tasks and projects can be run concurrently, meaning that anyone who wants to run a survey for a project of their own through the SurveyMR 2.0 tool can without the need for a specific member of the insights team setting everything up for them. This further breaks down industry and internal business silos, by making research processes and the generated insights available to everyone.

    While SurveyMR 2.0 is currently in beta stage, we can learn a lot more about the usability of the tool, and much like SurveyMR 2.0, can use this time to easily spot opportunities to make it more effective, more engaging, and ultimately more innovative for our users.

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