Infographic: Our 2019 in Review

Sophie Grieve-Williams

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Sophie Grieve-Williams

    I think we can agree that, overall, 2019 has been a pretty tumultuous year globally. With elections and climate crises, Brexit and impeachment proceedings, terror attacks and natural disasters, it can be hard to find the lightness in all of the uncertainty. However, we’ve also had the first-ever photo of a black hole taken by some very clever young scientists, the most diverse class of lawmakers in history sworn into US congress, a surge in youth-led global climate activism, a cute royal birth, and so much more!

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    With every passing year, we’re pushing the boundaries of modern market research further and further; and with the release of InsightHub in 2018, we've only built on that success in the past year!

    At FlexMR, we’ve had a pretty good year too! With the release of our integrated insight platform, InsightHub, in September 2018, we’ve only built on the that success throughout this past year; with new tools and services, new colleagues, new clients, new projects, new internal and external content, new reporting methods, new speaking opportunities, new little people brought into the world, and so much more, we’ve had a hard time fitting it all in!

    So, we’ve created an infographic to celebrate everything we’ve achieved throughout this past year, and all of the hard work put in by our brilliant employees both old and new.

    The Past 12 Months

    Check out everything we've achieved throughout these last 12 months in this infographic, and let us know in the comments below what achievements you're proud of as we close the decade.

    FlexMR 2019 Year in Review Infographic

    How Far We've Come

    With every passing year, we’re pushing the boundaries of modern market research further and further, with new tools, tactics and services to offer a truly customisable research experience to suit as many requirements as we can possibly cater for.

    As we’ve said hello to many new colleagues, we’ve also said farewell to a few. With more people-power comes a faster pace and a larger capacity for business, without the compromise on quality. In just one year, we’ve managed to make a big difference to over 18 businesses through 2282 surveys, 308 focus groups, and many other research methodologies. With clients such as British Gas, Caravan and Motorhome Club, Isagenix, Specsavers, and SkyBet, we can’t help but feel proud of the work we’ve done and more certain about our path in the future.

    Throughout the course of the year, through a myriad of different mediums, we’ve published a grand total of 95 thought-provoking articles on numerous topics including: customer communities, big data, correlation analysis, international women’s day, the many conferences we’ve attended in the past year, storytelling, the impact of AI on graphic design, and much more. Across two marketing campaigns, we’ve tackled issues like the fable of customer loyalty through researching customer decision-making processes (you can find this in our Tribes report) and reinventing the market research report through turning insights into physical art pieces! This latter one is still ongoing in our Consumer Postcard Project if you want to get involved.

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    FlexMR have created more content, presented at more conferences, helped more clients, and innovate research processes more than ever before, and we’re not stopping here. Next year, we're going even bigger...

    We’ve managed to present at more conferences, help more clients, and innovate research processes more than ever before, and we’re not stopping here. We’ve got big plans to make the most of our progress next year:

    FlexMR in 2020 - What's in Store?

    We've already got a lot more planned for this next year, with new goals to reach across all departments:

    • Many conference events – don't miss out on a chance to say hello! We'll be posting updates closer to the event dates.
    • A large variety of content to create – be on the lookout for:  email series, whitepapers, videos, infographics, an eBook, new templates, new data sheets, and many more brilliant blogs from our staff!
    • Additional team members to add – as a growing company, we’re going to need all the help we can get!
    • More tools, services, and strategies to create – we’re not off the innovation train yet! We’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeves to make researching easier and more effective.
    • And most importantly, new insights to generate on our InsightHub platform – as ever, we’re not done helping business professionals make better decisions at the speed of business.

    As you can see, we're very much looking forward to 2020 with everything that we have in store! We're going to continue on into this decade as we started, in an industry on a mission to innovate and transform market research for the better.

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