How to Get Rich, Online Qualitative Insight in Less than 24 Hours

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    To remain competitive within evolving industries and markets, a brand’s success relies on an adaptive and responsive strategy. Rapid industry changes bring along additional challenges and this requires brands to react quicker than their competitors if they’re going to survive. Therefore, quick access to rich, qualitative insight is a key asset to inform important decisions at speed.

    When it comes to implementing quick decisions informed by data, online research tools provide brands with a unique competitive advantage. Online qualitative research tools have pioneered the research landscape and it’s these tools that have been central to capturing real-time feedback at speed. If you’re not currently dipping your toes into online qualitative research, read on and get ready to learn the methods that you can use to gain online qualitative insight in less than 24 hours.

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    It is possible to generate high-quality, rich insights in less than 24 hours as is evidenced by Zizzi's and Barclays Bank. These insights are immediately actioned upon, informing important time-sensitive decisions.

    Zizzi’s Online Customer Feedback

    Striking the right balance between speed and insight is an important factor when conducting research online. One approach that allows you to smoothly juggle both of these two key considerations, is the analysis of online feedback with the support of artificial intelligence (AI). By digitally transforming research practices with AI, a variety of brands have successfully navigated real-time feedback about their brand, products and services. In practice, this involves the analysis of online consumer generated content such as reviews, social media posts and more!

    Zizzi is a great example of a brand that prioritised speed within their customer experience strategy. With help from Empathica, Zizzi was able to analyse online, unstructured feedback that customers shared via social media and online reviews. Performed in real-time, the qualitative insight generated about the restaurant chain has supported Zizzi’s efforts to gain awareness on the improvements that customers would like to see to their product and service offerings. This research approach shows the positive contributions that quick online methods provide for brand decisions. Specifically, real-time feedback encourages an adaptable and responsive approach and this can help inform decisions that influence customers’ satisfaction.

    Barclays Online Focus Groups

    When research insight is needed faster than usual, online video focus groups are an effective tool for capturing your customers’ feedback. Due to the current global circumstances, video has become a familiar sight for consumers across the globe, and this can be leveraged to your brand’s advantage! When videos are incorporated into online focus groups, it allows us to ask questions at speed and collect real-time feedback. It will be no surprise to hear, that focus groups are a popular choice amongst insight professionals as they also offer additional benefits such as the removal of geographical and physical location restraints.

    Within the financial sector, Barclay’s Bank have shown the strengths of conducting focus groups, particularly when they explored experiences of vulnerability. Using this method, Barclays encouraged participants to express their views, which enabled the capture of rich insight to support their key research objectives. As the focus groups lasted 2-hours, this illustrates how, within 24 hours, valuable and in-depth insight can be gained at speed. While Barclays opted to conduct these in-person, moving your focus groups online is easy with tools such as Focus GroupMR that support video focus groups.

    Creating Conversation with Online Discussions

    In some instances, the need for speed is a factor that influences the research tools selected by brands. For this reason, tools such as online Question Boards, commonly known as online discussions, have become enormously popular as they offer a quick and accessible interface. Question Boards are an excellent virtual tool, they provide substantial opportunities for brands to invite audiences to share their view and capture attitudes towards a variety of critical business questions. Question Boards also offer the advantage that a larger number of participants can take part simultaneously. Positively, this provides greater research flexibility because you can study a wider range of demographics and therefore capture unique differences between your participants.

    FlexMR have perfectly captured the effective use of Question Boards by exploring Londoners’ and New Yorkers’ attitudes towards the cities that they live in. Taking place across three days, new insight was revealed every 24 hours as new findings emerged from participants’ discussions and feedback. In a short space of time, this study showed how the collaborative nature of online discussions enabled a greater level of insight to be gained. This is because across the study, participants added an additional dimension to the findings when they also responded to their peers’ feedback.

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    Generating and communicating insights in a 24 hours time-frame seems daunting, but there are proven successes like Zizzi's and Barclays Bank to help guide us along.

    Communicating Insight Quickly

    While this type of research captures insight quickly, the interpretation of graphs, tables and charts by key stakeholders isn’t conductive to the quick timescales that are needed to make a decision at speed. So, how can we communicate insights without the traditional way of presenting data?

    Well that is what we’re experimenting with now in the Insights as Art campaign. To communicate the rich insight that emerged within this study, FlexMR have worked out how to creatively presented the findings via the novel and abstract medium of art. FlexMR have been proactively encouraging brands to re-think how they present their research insight to key stakeholders. That’s why it’s your brand’s turn get involved! Allow us to creatively demonstrate to you how you can gather insight about your brand at speed, by signing up to our Insights as Art campaign. It’s simple, we’ll explore consumers’ perceptions of your brand within our online Question Board and then we’ll add creativity to the mix by designing your very own postcard showing what consumers think about your brand!

    The analysis of customers’ online activities, focus groups and Question Boards are effective tools for boosting your insights strategy at speed. Collecting qualitative insight within 24 hours has been positively proven by a full range of brands, including Zizzi and Barclays Bank, and this demonstrates the speed at which data informed decisions can be made.

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