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Using Qualitative A/B Tests to Generate More Accurate Research

Have you ever considered running an online A/B test? Wouldn't you rather know why as well as what your customers think? Our SmartboardMR tool offers a genuinely quick and effective way of testing the market pre-launch. It is the best way to deliver helpful information to your marketing, product and promotions team in a timely manner.

Benefits of SmartboardMR A/B Tests

  • Quick, clear results
  • Self-moderating discussion
  • Gather quasi-qual and quant in one place
  • Uncover emotional as well as considered responses
  • Explain the reasoning behind your recommendations in customers' words

How to Create A/B Tests

So, insert your images into the SmartboardMR tool and target a group of customers or display to a random sample (the number of participants is unlimited), capture their immediate responses/initial reactions to the ideas, and see a sprinkling of numbers appear all over the smartboard for both A and B concept/versions. Then ask the participants to click into the numbers to respond to each other's thoughts and discuss areas of agreement, disagreement and development.

You could use two smartboards to show the two designs to two different groups. In this case you can understand the impact of the change in brand design (adding the Colonel and the 'so good' message) in one board. The heat map clearly shows a preference for the new logo, with the extra imagery and text eliciting lots more positive feedback.

Next time you think you don't have the time and resource to do some testing and make a real difference to your next product launch or campaign think again! You can run smartboards as stand-alone research, within communities, panels and live chat focus groups.

Integrate smartboard functionality into our focus groups

To book a free trial of the FlexMR research platform and make use of our wide range of quant & qual tools, click here. Or, click here to read more about our smartboards, and the flexible service levels we can provide.

Maria Twigge

Written by Maria Twigge

Maria is an active member of the UK market research industry, regularly presenting new and engaging topics at industry events. With over 9 experience guiding the FlexMR’s research services, Maria builds strong long-term partnerships with clients, providing insight to effectively translate client needs into action. You can follow Maria on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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