Infographic: A Recipe for the Perfect Insights Community

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When formed and maintained correctly, insights communities are typically places of vibrant conversation and insight generation. Respondents can complete research tasks, chat amongst themselves in forums, and talk directly to researchers, sometimes even stakeholders themselves. Researchers can watch as respondents work through tasks, reveal unexpected insights as they chat amongst themselves, and see the community make a difference to an organisation through insight production and distribution.

During the formation of each insights community there are many decisions made depending on the requirements of each insight team and organisation. So what does it take to create the perfect insights community?

A Recipe for the Perfect Insights Community

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The Power of the Right Insight Community

This infographic outlines key ingredients and a method to keep in mind when creating the perfect (or as close as we can make it) insights community. For an insights community to work well, it needs structured tasks, fully profiled and segmented respondents, incentives and competition, active moderation and communication, content calendars, stakeholder engagement, and so much more.

With the right insights community, insight teams and stakeholders hold the power to transform businesses, processes, strategies, situations and services. It takes a lot of thought and self-awareness to build the right research strategy and platform first time according to the stakeholders’ and insight team’s requirements.

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Building the right insight community is tricky, but there are a few key ingredients that can help us get as close to perfect as possible.

Insight professionals are on hand for stakeholders, either in in-house teams or external agencies, to figure out how those requirements translate into an insights community. For in-house insight teams this means choosing the right research platform and tools to incorporate into their research technology stack.

Each research agency and software provider has their own tools and platform that they would love for you to consider; insight teams can first narrow down which provider to choose through the research strategy they want to implement – if the provider has the capabilities (platform, tools, and services on hand) to host and effectively carry out the strategy the insight team desires, then that would be considered good match.

An insight community delivering qualitative research will need a platform and tools that facilitate that need. A community that delivers both quantitative and qualitative research will need a hybrid platform and arsenal of tools that fit together well enough to conduct effective research in the timeframes required and deliver impactful insights.

The tools we choose allow insight teams to scale research and insight generation sustainably, so we get the best insights possible across long-term studies; they also dictate the type and closeness of the connection between stakeholders and respondents.

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Insight communities give insight teams incredibly power, we need to make sure we use the power to drive action and positive change.

There will always be a bit of altering needed in the first stages of the insight community implementation when the insight start rolling in, to make sure the community is doing exactly what it’s meant to be doing. Also, because the research strategy will always be theoretical until implemented, and insight teams will discover little ways and efficiencies to make the platform and strategy work better for their needs. Insight communities are meant to evolve, so this evolution will happen organically as well as respondents pass through, and the target audience and customer base evolves along with it.

Insight communities give insight teams incredibly power, we need to make sure we use the power to drive action and positive change.

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