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Read the latest thinking from the crossroads of marketing, insight and technology.

Posted by Maisie Furneaux on 27 September
The role of a Chief Insights Officer is still a very new concept that has come about with the surge in market research needs across all industries. With that being said, not everyone knows what a CIO actually is, or the benefits they bring to a business.
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Posted by Charlotte Evans on 20 September
There are a whole range of lessons insight professionals can learn from the gaming industry. With areas such as virtual reality, gamification and storytelling just scratching the surface of transferrable techniques, it is a good reminder that insight professionals should look beyond the research industry for innovative solutions.
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Posted by Emily James on 13 September
Insight-led brand strategies are becoming more and more popular, being adopted in particular by businesses that want to evolve and grow to become more relevant to their target consumers; but what exactly does an insight-led brand strategy involve?
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Posted by Emily James on 02 September
Activating consumer insight is notoriously difficult. That's why we're doing something radically different. We're turning real-world insight into unique and memorable art pieces that leave stakeholders with a powerful, action-driving feeling.
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Posted by Ruth Moreno on 02 September
The transformation into a successful and profitable brand is the goal for all businesses, and researchers play an integral role in streamlining this process to success.
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