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Posted by Emily James on 18 February
Delegation is tough, but could be crucial to scaling the reach and influence of an insights team. Here with experience-based insight from Alice Williams at British Gas, we explore the key to impactful delegation techniques in the insights industry.
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Posted by Gareth Bowden on 12 February
Expressive data is ladened with context that effectively conveys both thought and feeling, enhancing the impact of rich qualitative data on insights activation. Are focus groups the key to unlocking the door to expressive data?
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Tags: Focus Group Tools Insight Innovation Business Strategy

Posted by Sophie Grieve-Williams on 11 February
There are a few key elements to a successful insights team - strategies, individuals, and methodologies that all work together as one to generate key insights and enhance the reach of data.
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Posted by Josie Sanderson on 05 February
The importance of strong relationships between insight teams and business decision makers is well-explored. But how can these bonds be formed?
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Posted by Sophie Grieve-Williams on 29 January
Reach is important for all insight professionals, as the more people we can reach with data, the more informed their decisions will be. However, it is one of our greatest challenges in this day and age, so we've come up with four sure-fire ways to help extend the reach of your consumer data.
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