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Posted by Maisie Furneaux on 27 March
Mass qual is not a topic that is discussed very often, especially in the context of gathering online qual at scale due to the perceived effort and resource consumption that accompanies it - however, this blog breaks down the myths and explores ways in which to conduct mass qual research right.
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Tags: Creative Qual Tools Market Research Business Strategy

Posted by Christopher Martin on 24 March
What adjustments can insight professionals make to conduct research responsibility and with sensitivity in times of crisis?
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Tags: Market Research Research in Society

Posted by Emily James on 20 March
With the world of market research on the brink of a new technological boom, it is easy to forget the tremendous impact of the humble video - how can videos enhance the market research experience for researchers, participants, and stakeholders?
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Tags: NPD Community Website Development Employee Engagement

Posted by Christopher Martin on 18 March
We want to do our part to help the research sector during this challenging period. So, while a small first step, we're sharing our collective advice on how to manage your existing online insight communities, in the hope that this offers clarity, stability and a path to keeping your research investments delivering value.
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Tags: Community Tools Community Panel Business Strategy

Posted by Samantha Nicholson on 13 March
In a successful working environment, it is essential to create a culture where people feel comfortable to ask questions. But how can we do this when we've been conditioned not to ask 'silly' questions, and how do we find the 'right' questions to ask?
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