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Posted by Sophie Grieve-Williams on 22 March
Brand loyalty is tricky to measure and has an incredible amount of importance placed upon it within the boardroom. But are we looking at it the wrong way? Discover how research can help brands identify the Loyal and Disconnected customer segments to develop successful customer loyalty schemes.
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Posted by Charlotte Evans on 20 March
Researchers focus a lot on traditional demographic sampling, but as consumers evolve so should our sampling methods. Not to say that demographic sampling isn't still useful, but segmenting consumers by the tribes they belong to can provide a more enhanced understanding of the modern consumer.
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Posted by Emily James on 13 March
Despite its role in breaking down organisational silos, research itself is often limited to a political, social or commercial stratum, when there is much to be learned from identifying patterns across all three groups.
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Posted by Charles Pearson on 12 March
Building brand loyalty is an objective for most brands, but it still seems to be a point of contention when it comes to how to do that. Customer Community Panels are a secret weapon for brands looking to build loyalty through market research, but this is largely due to a lack of awareness.
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Posted by Emily James on 08 March
As you might know, today is International Women’s Day and the theme for this year is Balance for Better. Here are some of FlexMR’s great employees explaining why International Women’s Day is important to them, and what they think of gender diversity within the market research industry.
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