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    No two people will experience the same day in the market research industry – of course there will be some similarities across to-do lists with those working in the same roles, however there is usually a discrepancy that means that each insight expert will take on one task and another researcher will take on another, even if they’re working with the same stakeholders.

    With the different methodologies and technologies available for insight professionals to use, the different working environments within each agency and in-house team, and the different opportunities available industry-wide, we can always share relatable experiences, but never the same one.

    At FlexMR, we have many people working to help build better insight partnerships and develop new ways of generating high-quality insights on our InsightHub. From business support to insight team to senior management, there are many people in a variety of roles who are building their exciting career in insights – hear their story now in our latest video below.

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    At FlexMR, we have a myriad of people working in different teams to help build better insight partnerships, and there are many professional and personal opportunities available for our staff.

    The Intersection of Research and Technology

    Being a hybrid research agency and technology firm, we have many people at FlexMR performing a variety of roles to help supercharging our software and services. We have a strong ever-expanding research team with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds, which will aid in their efforts to design and implement truly impactful research experiences for all of our clients. We have a dynamic client support team, who are always ready to help clients navigate challenges in their DIY research efforts.

    Here's what a few of our colleagues said about their role at FlexMR, the opportunities that the company provide and what researchers need to succeed in this fast-changing industry.


    A Day in the Life at FlexMR

    We have ambitious Sales and Client Success teams who are here to help any stakeholders achieve their insight dreams on InsightHub, and superb Business Support teams, including Information Security and Marketing who are the connection between research and business, ensuring objectives and client desires are married in one to aid our pursuit of the perfect insight partnership.

    In any given day, the hive of activity never ceases. The progress of all staff both in and out of work are celebrated, and the company is more connected now then ever. While remote working has become the norm, we are still keen to see each other face-to-face, either through our two in-person office days a month or over catch-up Slack huddles, both with cups of tea and biscuits aplenty.

    We asked a few of our colleagues to put together a video on their experiences working at FlexMR, and their experiences speak volumes to the progress FlexMR has made to become a responsible, sustainable employer. The move to remote working, while sparked by the pandemic in 2020, has been a boon for our company, allowing us to hire from a wider pool of national candidates and cultivating a strong team of staff who are passionate about their field.

    As our Head of People and Culture, Gareth Bowden, mentioned in his clip, remote working has allowed teams to be more flexible in their working, and help us give individuals the agency to work on their own. Each team has a way of working that works for them, so while there are best practices that everyone adheres to, there is flexibility involved to help us work at our own pace and hit those deadlines easier. While we are all given that agency, it also comes with a great deal of support from line managers and senior management.

    In this support, we are given allocated Corporate Professional Development hours to help all staff create their own career path, study the courses they need to gain better or new skills, and ultimately achieve the qualifications they desire. FlexMR also have dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility hours and resources to ensure the health and wellbeing of all staff, and also to help them engage with the local community to support the causes important to them. For example, we might take a Wellness day, or spend some time on the dedicated CSR InsightHub, which all staff may book to run research projects for individual charitable or social purposes.

    We have recently instated a Social and Charity Committee comprised of volunteer staff members to help design social events throughout the year that are tailored to the desires of our teams - so far we have had a great start with a virtual Bingo during one lunchtime and our next monthly social event will take place on our in-office day in the form of a treasure hunt spanning the entire city of Lancaster.

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    From the diversity and inclusion policies to the exciting social and charity events held throughout the year, our staff never have the same day twice, and have plenty of opportunities to grow.

    We have chosen to direct our fundraising efforts towards St John's Hospice this year, and have already pledged £820 towards the cause from salary sacrifice and an opt-in company-wide swear jar (although some people are simply pledging £20 a quarter and taking this as an "all-you-can-swear buffet" out of client earshot. With many great fundraising and social ideas bouncing around the committee, we're excited to see what else we get up to throughout the year - follow along our social media channels to come on the adventure too.

    Lastly, FlexMR has signed the Market Research Society (MRS) Manifesto of Opportunity Inclusion Pledge, which states that as an Insight Agency, we must be representative of the world we serve - as such FlexMR is committed to creating an inclusive environment, which is shown in the implemented policies, such as: to ensure staff are representative of the full diversity of our business locations; work towards the achievement of appropriate government targets for the representation of women and minority ethnic groups at all levels of the organisation; and to create a safe place to work for all.

    To learn more about FlexMR, our social impact commitments and daily life at a top research agency - follow our LinkedIn page or explore our careers webpage.

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