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    Technology has developed at a swifter pace than we ever thought possible – and it's only getting faster every year. The past ten years alone have given us access to smarter technology, advancements in electric and self-driving vehicles, industrialised automation processes and many advancements (and issues) within artificial intelligence all at the very least, laying the foundations and building blocks that can be used to ring in a better future in many ways.

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    Technology has developed at a swifter pace than we ever thought possible. The tech created in past ten years alone has laid strong foundations for the future of insights - so what key trends can we anticipate for 2020?

    Now that these foundations have been laid, what trends can we anticipate for the next year of technological development for insights?

    5 Technology Trends of 2020

    As far as technological trends in the insights industry go, a couple of those mentioned above already strongly influence the development of market research, but with the aims of the industry focussed on generating as much data as fast as possible, these technologies can only propel us so far.

    The trick now is to refine those technologies that are already in place, to try to maintain the steady stream of big data we’re generating, while focussing our innovation efforts on generating quality, relevant data consistently that allows stakeholders to make decisions at the speed of business. Out of all the trends that could emerge and influence the industry over the next year, we’ve put together 5 of the most important to watch out for:


    Control, Creativity and Quality

    The three elements that will most likely prevail out of these trends in the next year are: Control, Creativity, and Quality. If we work more on refining research automation in the next year, the consequence of this, whether the automation is integrated into passive or active data collection methods or within the analytical/visualisation stage, is that it’s more reliable for researchers and insight professionals. Reliability such as this allows researchers to carry out deep analysis of the data in peace from worry, enabling them to focus completely on deriving quality insights while the automation continues.

    This reliability will also allow insight professionals to focus their innovation efforts more on other areas of the research experience’ the terms ‘insights activation’ and ‘empowerment’ have become key challenges that haven’t been resolved as of yet. Creativity is already trending within the insights industry, but in this next year, we’re predicting that it’s going to be employed more in the innovation of reporting methods, taking a step away from data collection and analysis.

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    Refined automation, technological convergence, and UX research going mainstream are just three of the key trends we predict for the next year. What other tech trends do you think will emerge in the insights industry?

    Niche consolidated software solutions from company mergers will be essential in providing great research options that we haven’t had access to before under one roof. This integration of methods into one software will enhance market research experiences for all through more control over the research experience and the quality of data produced through mixed methodologies. This will also make it easier to manage the data collection and management processes, which will become tougher as consumers start to realise the value of their own data; they have been taking notice of the data scandals that should be eradicated by now, and as such have placed a new, more expensive value on their data. They won’t be letting go of it that easily anymore without a good exchange.

    Another change we will see in the name of quality is a splintering of factions, particularly that of market research and UX research. We see UX tech going mainstream in the next year, splintering away to thrive and evolve as it’s own industry rather than held back under the umbrella of market research. This new control achieved through tech will allow them to be creative in their pursuit of quality UX data.

    Going Forward...

    Going forward into this next year, these trends are likely to evolve depending on the technology available to us and the progress we make in the further development of these tech trends. But with the foundations of these already laid out in front of us, it will be much easier to achieve than you might think. What other trends do you think will emerge and dominate 2020?

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