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Combining CRM Data with Online Research for Unique Insight

Making sense of data takes skill, flair and determination. Key to all this is the data being in the right place to work with. That means collecting it all together in one place in a nice sensible, ordered structure - easy really, one step before the story. But actually as market researchers we encounter huge hurdles and obstacles every time we try to integrate different sources of data - it's full of holes, it needs converting, it needs coding.

That's one of the reasons why we have seen so much growth in online customer panels and communities, finally one place where we can collect and store data and use it at will! (Within the realms of informed consent that is). We can integrate with purchase or CRM data and add data from other sources at any time - recent purchase information for example.

Introducing the Table Builder

At FlexMR we use Table Builder to easily cross tab between different surveys, polls and profiling information built up across different projects. Pull up responses from a survey a month ago and look at them against a current poll, track the same question over-time with ease, or quickly build a new cross tab to answer an annoying question before you make a next step, such joy!

So, getting your data all in one place for easy analysis is made simple through a customer panel. To work with this data at your fingertips, remember these few important points and then you can also share in our joy.

Tips for Using the Table Builder

  1. Although all new data can be collected through your online panel software you will still want to match some data from your in-house records initially, and to refresh it periodically so you need a good Panel Manager or Panel Management Service.
  2. Your software suites need to be mobile responsive (so they automatically consider the device the user is on so you don't have to).
  3. If you can build in a quick check of current data in your panel before every new research piece, this will allow you to make the most sense of what you have and release the most value. But you can get familiar with your customer base by tracking, cutting and re-analysing data.

So, the best way to make sense of your data is to have one central place where you can ask all your questions and store your data. Making it useful information that you can become immersed in.

We are in an exciting time where we are just starting to get to grips with all the possibilities, including the availability of a wide array of tools for qual, quant and mobile research all in one place.

To book a free trial of the FlexMR research platform and make use of our wide range of quant & qual tools, click here. Or, click here to read more about the flexible service levels we can provide.

Maria Twigge

Written by Maria Twigge

Maria is an active member of the UK market research industry, regularly presenting new and engaging topics at industry events. With over 9 experience guiding the FlexMR’s research services, Maria builds strong long-term partnerships with clients, providing insight to effectively translate client needs into action. You can follow Maria on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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