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The Benefits of Choice in Online Research

Especially within insight communities or during long-term projects respondents want to have a choice on how to respond to your questions and how to take part in your set tasks.

Traditionally, communities seem to live in the "desktop computer" drawer of researchers' thinking. I wonder why?

Heaps of advice has been shared and published: about how to engage respondents, how to best communicate with them or even rules for good community management. I admit, engagement, communication and a structured approach to community planning are certainly important.

But do we forget about the respondents because we concentrate too much on them? It might be a bit like not seeing the wood for the trees?

Every respondent is different and hence should be empowered and given a choice. Responsive research massively helps with this. Let your respondents log in from their home or office computer and take part in your tasks, that's fine.

But why not expand things and remove boundaries if they are not needed? Go mobile with your research. Let participants share feedback as and when it happens, in-situ, on the move and on the go.

Utilizing mobile approaches alongside your traditional ones, seamlessly and silently, will empower your respondents. And they will quietly thank you because the less they have to think about taking part, the more natural and fun it becomes - benefiting your research and your respondents.

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Annette Smith

Written by Annette Smith

Annette has worked on InsightHub for 11 years, nurturing it into the internationally-regarded platform it is today. She is a highly experienced researcher and her background in UI/UX has been imperative in making InsightHub the unique hybrid platform it is today. You can follow Annette on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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