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Read the latest thinking from the crossroads of marketing, insight and technology.

Posted by Paul Hudson on 10 November
What impact does the insights industry itself on the nature of market research? FlexMR CEO Paul Hudson reflects on how the market shapes the practice and what opportunities arise.
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Posted by Paul Hudson on 27 May
Online video conferencing software is becoming an increasingly useful asset to everyone, but not in the least to the insights industry. With face-to-face focus groups out of the question, we need to understand the impacts this online alternative presents.
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Posted by Paul Hudson on 06 April
How do we, as researchers, drive business action? There is a constant stream of new data collection techniques, technologies and models of working. But we’re still stuck in the same loop when it comes to converting our work into business decisions.
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Posted by Paul Hudson on 01 April
When moving research online, like-for-like replacements are not always the best solution. Especially for qual, it's worth considering which online options are best suited to each project and need.
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Posted by Paul Hudson on 19 February
Filled with more thought-provoking case studies, innovative methodologies, and inspiring workshops, the momentum of this event carried us well to the very end. Here are Paul's musings and experiences of the second day of the Qual360 EU 2020 conference.
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