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Read the latest thinking from the crossroads of marketing, insight and technology.

Posted by Maria Twigge on 06 April
Getting the right tools and functionality from your insight platforms is as much about the services your partners offer as it is the technology - here are a few ways to avoid falling into any platform pitfalls in the future.
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Tags: Market Research Customer Experience Business Strategy

Posted by Maria Twigge on 20 August
What does it take to make stakeholders pay attention to the insights we generate and present to them? Well, from presentation format to the importance of interactivity, here are some of the best ways to give your insights the best chance of successful activation.
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Tags: Insight Innovation Market Research Employee Engagement

Posted by Maria Twigge on 05 July
Designing research for real people means considering the context that they are operating in and respecting their time so they collaborate with us and give us the true golden insights. The human factor is essential to high quality research and insights.
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Tags: Innovation Market Research Customer Experience

Posted by Maria Twigge on 03 September
Market research has been affecting major decisions for many years. Here are four examples of how market research helped avoid catastrophic decisions throughout history.
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Tags: Shopper Behaviour Innovation Research in Society

Posted by Maria Twigge on 31 August
The use of behavioural data for shopper insight is on the rise but is it better than declarative survey data? Or perhaps just more convenient? Pros, cons and best practice use cases of both methods discussed.
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Tags: Survey Panel Shopper Behaviour Insight Innovation