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Posted by Emily James on 15 April
In order to build the best market research experience, it is good to know what types of market research methods there are available. This article compiles 15 different market research methods in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the options available.
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Posted by Emily James on 04 April
Customer relationship management is essential to the success of a business, but researching your customers can be tricky. Balancing research between the two distinct tribes, Loyal and Transient, is key to gaining a deep understanding into the behaviours and motivations of their customer-base.
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Posted by Emily James on 29 March
There are many examples of practical innovations, but how many of those have come from the discovery of latent needs? Here are 8 prime examples of how practical innovation can be created in response to undiscovered customer and business needs.
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Posted by Emily James on 13 March
Despite its role in breaking down organisational silos, research itself is often limited to a political, social or commercial stratum, when there is much to be learned from identifying patterns across all three groups.
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Posted by Emily James on 08 March
As you might know, today is International Women’s Day and the theme for this year is Balance for Better. Here are some of FlexMR’s great employees explaining why International Women’s Day is important to them, and what they think of gender diversity within the market research industry.
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