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Posted by Emily James on 17 January
When it comes to research reporting, think about how we could innovate beyond or even in conjunction with the written word, to communicate complex insights with the same dependable gravitas, but drastically increased stakeholder engagement.
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Posted by Emily James on 10 January
To get an accurate representation of what could feasibly happen in the next five years at this point in time, we should think about where we could take it right now, and more importantly, where we should take it in order to make the industry and the insights generated the best they can be.
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Tags: Insight Innovation Agile Research in Society

Posted by Emily James on 20 December
Access to the right technology is important for a comprehensive research strategy, and picking the right online data collection, analytics, visualisation and reporting tools is essential. These are the tools, platforms and technologies we think would make a great addition to your research stack.
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Posted by Emily James on 13 December
Demonstrating ROI can be tough with the current research reporting methods, however, there are many storytelling techniques that you can employ to create a compelling narrative and make the presentation of data and insights engaging and enlightening in equal measure.
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Posted by Emily James on 29 November
Strategic Storytelling is a creative way of presenting insights that maximises audience engagement. Huggies and Google are only two examples of brands using strategic storytelling to communicate insights and engage their audience.
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