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Read the latest thinking from the crossroads of marketing, insight and technology.

Posted by Emily James on 03 December
The way we conduct research is constantly changing in accordance to the world around us, so the platforms we conduct that research on must adapt too. Here are 3 key rules to keep in mind when designing, building, and maintaining an online insights platform.
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Tags: Market Research Insight Innovation Business Strategy

Posted by Emily James on 12 November
Brand strategies evolve as consumers to, typically responding to the events and anxieties of the time in order to stay relevant and successful. This blog discusses the importance of actionable insights generated from market research in driving brand relevance.
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Tags: Business Strategy Market Research Customer Experience

Posted by Emily James on 15 October
With many brands becoming insight-driven, it is important to understand the challenges they will face. From higher competition to the practicalities of incorporating technology into their data analysis processes, this blog recognises the challenges ahead and suggests ways to overcome them.
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Tags: Business Strategy Insight Innovation Research in Society

Posted by Emily James on 01 October
Algorithmic bias means that machine learning and AI algorithms are becoming biased based on data that is not representative of the real world. This can have real consequences for the insights industry, so this blog looks at steps to addressing algorithmic bias in order to mitigate the consequences.
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Posted by Emily James on 06 September
Market Research is widely regarded as an ethically challenging industries, especially since organisations often misuse market research data to reach their own objectives. This blog explains how can we identify when we are being manipulated rather than persuaded.
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