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Read the latest thinking from the crossroads of marketing, insight and technology.

Posted by Emily James on 17 September
Survey chatbots are being used more and more as they grow in ability and usefulness. However, have they reached their full potential, is there more yet to come, or are they starting to age out of usefulness?
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Posted by Emily James on 11 September
There are challenges that come with seeking innovation through crowdsourcing, but there are benefits to crowdsourcing, and there are a number of success stories to learn from and ideas to mitigate any issues that arise.
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Posted by Emily James on 04 September
Storytelling is a great tool for communicating important insights, but how do we tell a story when communicating without words? Visual storytelling takes 'show don't tell' to a whole new meaning, and here are 5 rules to help create an impactful visual story with insights.
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Tags: Creative Qual Tools Market Research

Posted by Emily James on 03 August
Understanding consumer behaviour, opinions, and rational can be very useful for informing decision-making processes within organisations. Is predictive analytics the way forward for insight professionals seeking to understand more?
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Posted by Emily James on 29 July
The Customer Feedback Loop is a very useful tool for insight generation and activation with four key components that should be a staple in all market research strategies - and it's all kick-started with customer interaction.
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