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Posted by Emily James on 18 June
Correlation analysis is a technique that is frequently used in market research, but is also vulnerable to misuse if not understood or applied correctly.
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Posted by Louisa Thistlethwaite on 14 June
There is a significant perception gap between how consumers and businesses value data. In this article, FlexMR's Information Security Officer explores how can this gap be closed and how we can calculate the true value of information.
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Posted by Laura Calvert on 10 June
Reflections on the AQR's annual conference, presenting publicly for the first time, and the role online research communities can play in bringing people together for social good - written by Young Disruptor, Laura Calvert.
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Posted by Dr Dorota Crockford on 06 June
Reciprocating participant engagement means having a two-way conversation, participants aren't just providing data, they're understanding what impact that data is having on the brand. It is a simple consideration that has a significant impact on the current and future research experiences.
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Posted by Christopher Martin on 31 May
The podcast revolution shows no signs of slowing down, so here we list the top ten best podcasts for market research and insight professionals - produced and hosted by insight industry professionals.
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