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Mobile research opens up a huge range of opportunities for marketers and researchers alike. But to take full advantage of this emerging method is not as easy as it sounds. These 30 seconds will teach you some of the most important best practices to get the most out of your mobile market research projects.


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Want to know more about how to get the most out of your mobile market research? The industry and technology develops quickly, so we are always updating our mobile research advice and guidance. Listed below are our favourite resources - ranging from an exposé on the mobile market research facts nobody wants to admit, to an in-depth explanation of how to tailor your surveys & diaries to mobile associated behaviours.

There are no quick and easy ways to achieve perfect mobile research. It is very much still being developed, and even we as researchers continue to be surprised by it. But by following these guides, you can get closer to your consumers - throughout their daily lives.

Researching Mobile Consumers in a Global Economy

By far the most important benefit of smartphone and tablet research is that it can be completed anywhere. Currently, this is widely used as a way to increase survey completion. By offering more flexibility over location, consumers can complete (short) research tasks at their own leisure.

But this ignores the power of the mobile platform. Research tasks should not be designed to reach consumers anywhere but in the right place at the right time. This, however, is trickier than it first appears. Most mobile research, while completed on a mobile device, is still completed in the home. Though this does improve completion rates, in behavioural terms it is only as relevant as desktop or in-person research. It is reflective, not active & in-the-moment data. Find out how to break the mould and reach consumers on the go in this free webinar.

10 Tips for Collecting Insightful Mobile Data

The most recent mobile market research statistics, as published by Greenbook, indicate that not only do 70-80% of the world’s adults own a mobile phone, but between 20-30% of surveys are being attempted on mobile enabled devices. Phones, tablets and even phablets are working their way into consumers’ lives and the world of market research too.

With nearly a third of consumers taking surveys on mobile devices, it is important to ensure that surveys are designed with a view to the unique opportunities and challenges that this poses. This will ensure not only the most accurate and relevant insight, but also that consumers are engaged with the survey thus reducing mobile drop-out rates. To ensure the best possible mobile survey design, follow our top ten tips.

7 Things No-One Will Tell You About Mobile Research

As early and enthusiastic adopters of smartphones it makes sense that UK companies are at the forefront of mobile research. As other countries now also look to mobile to achieve the best reach and to allow research in populations where costs might otherwise make it prohibitive, it seems timely to share a few learnings to date to help guide the development and applications.

Find out in this article why a lot of mobile research might not be as mobile as you think, why every click counts and the most popular myths surrounding mobile market research. In addition, we discuss how mobile means more than just online surveys, and why you may need to consider adding SMS and phone calls into the mix too.

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