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Sophie Grieve-Williams

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Sophie Grieve-Williams

    Last year, I wrote a review of FlexMR's journey to success in 2019, and mentioned that last year was a pretty tumultuous year... it's safe to say that 2020 managed to blow that right out of the water!

    Across the world in these past 12 months, we have experienced numerous historical events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, national and international lockdowns, the Australian and West Coast wildfires, the BLM movement, President Trump's Impeachment trial and the US Presidential election, the Beirut explosion, Brexit, the Stock Market Crash, expedited digital transformations and revolutions, the Persian Gulf Crisis, earthquakes, and many, many more events that have brought new challenges, new priorities, and new rules for everyone to play by. Each of the events that happened this year resulted in everyone banding together and helping each other out.

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    In a year of reduced research budgets, we've collected 1.9 million survey responses and ran over 200 focus groups! We've won awards, created a podcast, and released two brand new research tools!

    We've experienced this in FlexMR, while we've had our obstacles to overcome, the firm has banded together to overcome them in spectacular fashion. It's difficult to distill all of our achievements we've worked so hard for this year down to just those that fit into this new infographic.

    The Last 12 Months

    30047_2020 Year in Review Infographic-01

    Our Journey This Year

    At FlexMR, we are fortunate to have successfully stayed afloat throughout the pandemic, by pulling together and figuring out the best way to keep working well remotely, and stay closely connected. Through remote weekly quizzes, virtual bake off events, department-run workshops, and sharing snaps of our brew rounds, we've kept just as close as we were in the office, got to know new team mates, and said goodbye to others.

    As a team, we've smashed our targets during one of the most unpredictable years in living history, participating in many industry events, being shortlisted for four industry honours, and winning  the amazing Global Digital Excellence Award!

    Our staff have been very busy creating a lot of new industry-related content for you to peruse, including seventy-eight thought-provoking articles on the FlexMR Insight Blog, ten interviews in external industry publications, and a brilliant report examining the gulf in Client-Agency relationships in market research. FlexMR CMO, Chris Martin, has also launched a brand new market research podcast, the MRX Lab, with 16 brilliant episodes to date.

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    2020 has been a very unpredictable year; at FlexMR, we've banded together in spectacular fashion and our hard work this year has not gone unnoticed.

    As research experts, our knowledge is gained and cemented through first-hand experience - our talented insight professionals this year have collected a whopping 1.9 million survey responses and ran 226 focus groups for our clients on the InsightHub. Our InsightHub has continued to evolve, with two brand new tools added to the mix: SurveyMR and FocusGroupMR; both of these tools are evolutions of their predecessors, ensuring a better user experience for everyone involved: stakeholders, researchers, and respondents. This along with our brand new help site with 196 educational pages and the diligence of our operational team, has lead to an outstanding average client satisfaction score of 98%!

    FlexMR 2021 - What Comes Next:

    Our success has only come through hard work and dedication to achieving our goals, and we have even more planned for next year:

    • We are evolving our strategy for a greater focus on Insights Empowerment, we have been working towards that for the last couple of years, but watch as we step it up a gear next year.
    • We have already made a start on our events and awards calendar for 2021 - we'll be announcing which events we're participating in closer to the time, so stay posted!
    • As mentioned earlier, we have three brand new tools in development, aiming to help the users of InsightHub with their data analysis and insight activation endeavours - we will refine them in the next year and prepare for their exciting release onto the InsightHub platform.
    • We have a lot of brand new content to create from blogs, infographics, whitepaper reports, videos, templates, case studies, podcasts, and so much more - subscribe to our Insight Blog to keep up to date!

    We are going to have a very exciting year next year as you can see, don't miss your chance to stay updated on our progress as we aim to build relationships and empower our clients through this intense time as we start to adapt and move on from 2020.

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