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Webinar: Be a Research Rockstar - Delivering What Clients Want

There's no denying, many clients find market research reports and presentations alike boring. It's not hard to see why. Raw, dry statistics - even when combined with a few storytelling elements - are not compelling. So how can researchers engage decision makers with research reports, and encourage informed actions?

The answer lies in adapting the presentation style to suit the needs of the audience. The research which is given most credence in an organisation is the research which is not only accurate and reliable, but accessible and timely. This 45 minute webinar is designed to give you the information you need to create outstanding reports that clients will love.

Over the course of the session, you'll learn what executives and stakeholders want to know in market research reports. We will provide real-life examples of how to balance in-depth information with key highlights, showing you how to weave stories from both qualitative and quantitative data. In addition, you'll discover how to adapt presentations to provide the engaging, informed insight that stakeholders need to make effective decisions.

The Webinar

Over the course of the webinar, you'll hear from Paul Hudson (CEO & Founder) and Kimberley Bell (Researcher). With over 15 years experience presenting research findings to some of the country's leading brands, Paul understands the nuances of the boardroom and how to adapt to client needs. Kimberley works within our research team, creating regular reports for our clients and ensuring they receive the information they need at the right time.

Together, our experts will present our tried and tested approach to market research presentation. They will focus on 5 key areas:what clients want to see in market research reports, how to create eye-catching executive summaries that generate conversations, the balance that must be struck between detailed data and brief overviews, and the importance of constructing a central narrative that ties information together.

The final 15 minutes will be your chance to ask the questions that matter most to you. If you have a burning question or challenge you need answered, let us know. From how to prepare for presentations to the ideal length of a report - we'll use our in-depth knowledge and experience to give you the best answer possible.

So, who should attend? This webinar is primarily for market researchers and research managers, no matter what skill level you possess. Whether your first presentation is fast approaching, or you're a seasoned veteran frustrated that decision makers are not following the advice laid out in your debriefs - this is for you. We'll discuss what clients & decision makers want to know, as well as practical tips on how to deliver it.

Delivering What Clients Want

Sign up now to watch the webinar live on Wednesday 20th July at 3pm (BST). Or, watch a short 2-minute demonstration to see our enterprise grade research technology in action.

Christopher Martin

Written by Christopher Martin

Chris is experienced in marketing strategy and brand development, which he uses to skilfully guide the FlexMR brand to its full potential. Chris works hard maximising opportunities and ensuring the brand’s offering is relevant and appealing to insights professionals. You can follow Chris on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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