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Webinar: Where Should I Invest - Qual or Quant?

Editor's note: This webinar has now aired. The full recording is available to watch online.

Are you looking to start planning where to spend your 2016 research budget? If so, this is for you. Traditionally, marketing and research have been data driven. More recently, technology has enabled the cost effective collection of qualitative insights and analysis. We are now in a time where there is no longer a dichotomous choice between qual and quant. Instead, the question has become 'where best should I invest my budget for maximum return?'

That is a much more difficult question to answer, and one that can cause much tension in research teams. So, if you're looking for advice on where to spend in 2016, or even just want to join the qual/quant debate - this is the webinar for you. It's also perfect for new researchers looking to quickly get a handle on some of the best and most effective research methods of the upcoming year.

The Webinar

Throughout the session you will hear from Paul Hudson (FlexMR CEO) & Dorota Rewinska (Insight Manager) as they share their opinions and experiences. With 15 years in qualitative research, Paul is perfectly placed to comment on the value and benefit of qualitative techniques - both in traditional and emerging markets. In contrast, Dorota is a data driven research specialist, always seeking the insight beyond the numbers - championing data and the value of strong analytical methods.

During the course of the 45 minutes, our experts will present a short introduction to some of the latest, groundbreaking qual and quant methods and technologies in the industry. After examining these techniques compared to traditional market research, we will present our predictions for 2016. What will be the defining themes of the year? Where will brands spend their research budgets, and more importantly, why?

But the main discussion in this webinar will be driven by you. We want to create a dynamic debate about where it is most important to invest. So we'll be opening the floor to you. This is your chance to ask our experts about the issues that matter to you most. So be sure to come prepared and ready for a lively debate!

Click here to watch the full 30 minute recording for free. Or, find out more about our diverse range of research tools.

Christopher Martin

Written by Christopher Martin

Chris is experienced in marketing strategy and brand development, which he uses to skilfully guide the FlexMR brand to its full potential. Chris works hard maximising opportunities and ensuring the brand’s offering is relevant and appealing to insights professionals. You can follow Chris on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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