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Webinar: Beyond Generation Z

Editor's note: This webinar has now aired. Watch the recording for free in our resources centre.

Generation Z are tipped to be the newest group of consumers with the greatest spending power. More culturally aware and socially active than their predecessors, Generation Z pose new challenges for brands. How can products and services act in a meaningful way? How can branded experiences create new relationships in a peer-to-peer environment? All important questions, but in many cases – irrelevant.

As marketers turn their eyes towards the upcoming cohort, we take a step back and ask: is this the best way to segment consumers? In fact, our obsession with Gen Z highlights a much wider issue with the widespread use of demographics. Throughout organisations of any size, consumers cannot be identified by a single bracket.

Ad buyers will use behavioural profiles, while operational teams may be more prone to traditional demographics. There is rarely a single unified view of the customer across all departments. But technology may be changing that. We are closer than ever before to accurate, relevant and useful segmentation methods. But if we are to make them a reality, we must limit our use of traditional, outdated models of segmentation, in search of a better alternative.

The Webinar

Throughout the session you will hear from Maria Twigge (Associate Director, FlexMR) & Grayling Ferguson (Senior Project Manager, FlexMR). With an innate understanding of human behaviour combined with numerous years of research experience, Maria and Grayling are perfectly placed to comment on the latest, technologically driven segmentation methods.

During the course of the 45 minute webinar, our experts will explain the most commonly used methods of grouping consumers: from demographics, to behaviours and even psychological profiling. You will hear how each can be utilised to their full extent, and amalgamated to create a clearer, more holistic portrait of your customers.

In addition, we will describe three new, revolutionary ways to understand consumers: segmenting by social or community influence, time/ event based models and individualised personalisation. The final 10 minutes will be dedicated to answering your questions, giving you a chance to ask our experts about the topics most important to you.

Webinar - Beyond Generation Z

Access the free webinar recording in our resources centre. Or, find out more about our diverse range of research tools.

Christopher Martin

Written by Christopher Martin

Chris is experienced in marketing strategy and brand development, which he uses to skilfully guide the FlexMR brand to its full potential. Chris works hard maximising opportunities and ensuring the brand’s offering is relevant and appealing to insights professionals. You can follow Chris on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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