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Read the latest thinking from the crossroads of marketing, insight and technology.

Posted by Emily James on 08 March
Challenger brands, whether they’re newly created or not, pose a threat to an established brand’s customer retention. But with challenger brands, also come opportunities and competition which can spark a great deal of innovation within an industry.
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Posted by Paul Hudson on 22 February
The importance of insight, when used correctly, cannot be overstated; it is the defining element of a successful brand, no matter how new or established they may be. This blog explains why insights bring both Established brands and Challenger brands on an even footing within the competition.
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Tags: Shopper Behaviour Insight Innovation Business Strategy

Posted by Maria Twigge on 03 September
Market research has been affecting major decisions for many years. Here are four examples of how market research helped avoid catastrophic decisions throughout history.
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Tags: Shopper Behaviour Innovation Research in Society

Posted by Emily James on 03 September
Both social media and online insight communities are valuable sources of customer information. But which is best suited to mining data from and what are the implications?
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Posted by Charlotte Pearson-Duff on 03 September
Mapping the customer journey effectively is fundamental to providing the ultimate customer experience and market research plays a key part in this process. Our experts explain when and how to apply.
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