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Posted by Emily James on 04 September
Storytelling is a great tool for communicating important insights, but how do we tell a story when communicating without words? Visual storytelling takes 'show don't tell' to a whole new meaning, and here are 5 rules to help create an impactful visual story with insights.
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Posted by Heather Wendlandt on 03 September
Most research techniques are professing to be 'agile' in one way or another now, but is 'agile' just another buzzword in the insights industry? Our NA Client Development Manager, Heather Wendlandt investigated what 'agile' means to insight professionals on LinkedIn, and here are her results.
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Posted by Christopher Martin on 02 September
Despite death predictions dating back to 2010, PowerPoint is still the favoured format for presenting research data. But is it the most engaging? And what alternative technologies are there?
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Posted by Christopher Martin on 01 September
Lifting the veil on how insights professionals, teams and agencies can create quality video outputs that engage stakeholders, inform decisions and leave a lasting impact.
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Posted by Josie Sanderson on 26 August
In market research, the questions we confront are frequently complex and multi-faceted, and our research goals ever-shifting against the current of fast-moving markets and evolving client and user needs. Design thinking is a useful tool to help us solve problems and generate better insights.
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