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Posted by Christopher Martin on 25 October
We all have a personal brand; we just call it a reputation. But what can we do to take control of that brand, and how can we leverage it to build a sucessful career in insights?
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Tags: Market Research Business Strategy

Posted by Heather Wendlandt on 18 October
In order for brands to adapt, they have to implement policies and shift resources to better prepare their businesses for the disruptive future. It’s important that they start paying attention to early signs of change, and this is where insight comes into the equation.
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Tags: Shopper Behaviour Market Research Business Strategy

Posted by Laura Lace on 11 October
The term 'actionable insight' has become the ultimate buzzword within the insights industry. But what exactly is it, and how do you get from raw data to truly actionable insights?
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Tags: Customer Satisfaction Insight Innovation Market Research

Posted by Emily James on 04 October
The most prominent sign of a mature insights strategy is that it goes beyond the simple survey-based approach. But while complexity is inevitable, confusion is definitely avoidable. Here are the signs that you've created a mature insights strategy.
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Tags: Agile Market Research Business Strategy

Posted by Maisie Furneaux on 27 September
The role of a Chief Insights Officer is still a very new concept that has come about with the surge in market research needs across all industries. With that being said, not everyone knows what a CIO actually is, or the benefits they bring to a business.
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Tags: Insight Innovation Market Research Business Strategy