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Posted by Christopher Martin on 18 December
The annual FlexMR Christmas Consumer survey finds a positive outlook for retailers & brands, with festive spending on the rise. A new challenge emerges in the form of fast-growing mobile purchasing behaviour and but a new opportunitiy too as consumers seek convenient experiences.
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Posted by Annette Smith on 17 December
As research methods move online, it is important for online experiences to be just as good as offline experiences. The role of developers in shaping market research experiences increases dramatically as more technology is incorporated into market research processes.
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Posted by Heather Wendlandt on 07 December
It is starkly obvious that the impact of the decisions a company makes could be the difference between profits or going out of business. Insight Professionals enable businesses to make better decisions, this blog explores how Insight Professionals contribute to revenue growth through this practice.
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Posted by Emily James on 03 December
The way we conduct research is constantly changing in accordance to the world around us, so the platforms we conduct that research on must adapt too. Here are 3 key rules to keep in mind when designing, building, and maintaining an online insights platform.
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Posted by Charlotte Evans on 26 November
The Market Research and Insights industries are constantly evolving and innovating in order to generate the best insights possible into consumer behaviour to inform important business decisions. Here are five disruptive insights and start-ups that are changing the game right now.
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