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Read the latest thinking from the crossroads of marketing, insight and technology.

Posted by Emily James on 20 December
Access to the right technology is important for a comprehensive research strategy, and picking the right online data collection, analytics, visualisation and reporting tools is essential. These are the tools, platforms and technologies we think would make a great addition to your research stack.
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Posted by Grayling Ferguson on 03 September
'Do It Yourself' (DIY) market research can be a great way to maximise your insight budget and support customer centricity. In this step-by-step guide we share everything you need to know to get started with quality DIY market research.
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Tags: Survey Panel Focus Group Tools Market Research

Posted by Dr Dorota Crockford on 31 August
The pros and cons of the two online live chat focus group approaches discussed plus advice on which one to choose for your market research project.
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Posted by Alison Little on 31 August
The practicalities of using chatbots for big qual studies today discussed along with 5 real world market research applications and the associated software platforms.
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Posted by Louisa Thistlethwaite on 31 August
There is an art to focus group greatness. 5 keys elements that make all the difference in creating a successful online focus group.
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