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Read the latest thinking from the crossroads of marketing, insight and technology.

Posted by Christopher Martin on 21 January
As an industry, we are obsessed – and rightly so – with customer and user experiences; tangible value is gained from improving customer experiences. So why do we not explore participant experiences in the same way? How can we improve the participant experience for better valuable insights?
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Tags: Business Strategy Customer Experience Market Research

Posted by Emily James on 12 November
Brand strategies evolve as consumers to, typically responding to the events and anxieties of the time in order to stay relevant and successful. This blog discusses the importance of actionable insights generated from market research in driving brand relevance.
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Tags: Business Strategy Market Research Customer Experience

Posted by Iulia Ghindeanu on 21 September
Subcultures are an extremely important part of society, but they don't normally get the attention they deserve in market research. In order for market research to remain unbiased and representative of all people, these sub-cultures must be reached and their opinions taken into account.
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Tags: Research in Society Customer Experience Business Strategy

Posted by Mayra Munguia on 18 September
Real-time and Agile research techniques are both used extensively within market research. But what is the difference and when should researchers use them? This blog simply explains each technique and the benefits they provide.
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Tags: Customer Experience Agile Research in Society

Posted by Charlotte Pearson-Duff on 03 September
Mapping the customer journey effectively is fundamental to providing the ultimate customer experience and market research plays a key part in this process. Our experts explain when and how to apply.
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