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Posted by Mayra Munguia on 18 September
Real-time and Agile research techniques are both used extensively within market research. But what is the difference and when should researchers use them? This blog simply explains each technique and the benefits they provide.
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Posted by Iulia Ghindeanu on 31 August
Faster, cheaper, better? Heard about 'agile' market research but not sure exactly what it is? Or how to implement it? Or when? We dispell the myths and share our approach to the perfect agile research project.
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Posted by Grayling Ferguson on 31 August
Market research agency competition is fierce. So how should you manage relationships with multiple suppliers? Grayling Ferguson suggests clear communication, careful budgeting and managing expectations are key.
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Posted by Christopher Martin on 31 August
From encouraging daily stand-up meetings, to learning how to create iterative research projects - these are the five key pillars of generating agile, sustainable market research insight.
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Posted by Amy Greenwood on 31 August
Market research can certainly be agile - but not all research. These are 5 of the most common issues that prevent insight teams from truly harnessing the iterative power of agile market research.
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