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Posted by Emily James on 08 January
How can surveys and video open the gateway to truly agile research experiences that generate valuable insights every time? The integration of survey and video research techniques are more than feasible, and the applications are limitless.
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Posted by Heather Wendlandt on 03 September
Most research techniques are professing to be 'agile' in one way or another now, but is 'agile' just another buzzword in the insights industry? Our NA Client Development Manager, Heather Wendlandt investigated what 'agile' means to insight professionals on LinkedIn, and here are her results.
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Posted by Josie Sanderson on 26 August
In market research, the questions we confront are frequently complex and multi-faceted, and our research goals ever-shifting against the current of fast-moving markets and evolving client and user needs. Design thinking is a useful tool to help us solve problems and generate better insights.
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Posted by Christopher Martin on 07 February
Agile methodologies have revolutionised how IT and development team operate. Now they're being adoped by market research pros - but what skills should agile insight teams to give themselves the best chance of success?
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Posted by Emily James on 10 January
To get an accurate representation of what could feasibly happen in the next five years at this point in time, we should think about where we could take it right now, and more importantly, where we should take it in order to make the industry and the insights generated the best they can be.
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Tags: Insight Innovation Agile Research in Society