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FlexMR at MRS IMPACT 2018

We are delighted to announce that FlexMR’s Maria Twigge (Research Director) and Amy Eborall (newly promoted Head of Insight) will be running an interactive workshop at the upcoming MRS Impact 2018 conference on Tuesday March 13th in London, alongside Elliott Johnson from the English Federation of Disability Sport.

Levelling the Playing Field: Research with Disabled Groups

Maria and Amy worked with the English Federation of Disability Sport to engage disabled groups in an online community to capture their feedback around the challenges of taking part in sport and physical activity. The findings and learnings from this study are pretty explosive. Participants from the study are coming along to tell you in their own words about the barriers for them to engage in sport. Attending this session will immerse you in their lived experiences.

Amy will share how she used her skills and expertise in online communities to facilitate sensitive conversations and get to the heart of the challenges.

Interactive Session

Maria will walk delegates through some easy and simple exercises that bring the insights to life – the best way to get impact from your findings is to really put your audience into the shoes of your study participants. In this session Maria, Amy and Elliott have applied the findings of the study to the world of business and insight people and will use scenarios, discussion and exercises to maximise the impact of the study on all who attend.

Key Takeaways for Insight Professionals

  • Experience the difference between online and face to face feedback and know better when you can use an online approach in your work
  • Chat with participants from hard to reach groups and learn new ways to get them involved in your studies
  • Get ideas on how to workshop your insights to get maximum impact

Impact 2018: Innovation, Inspiration and Integration

This prestigious conference is a must for any insight-driven professional, bringing together the best of the best in market research with inspirational business leaders, creative thinkers, story tellers, entertainers and scientists. It is impossible to leave this conference without a head full of new ideas to refresh your armoury.

We are excited to be attending this event and can’t wait to hear about The Evolution of Social Media Insight from Pulsar, Kantar and Ikea – check out this afternoon session here: MRS Annual Conference Day One

Then not to be missed on Day 2 we are completely torn between hearing about new techniques in virtual reality from a fab panel of clients and agencies (including O2 and the Royal Shakespeare Company) at 10.45 and The Entrepreneurs Bootcamp from Mash Strategy which sounds like an incredible opportunity to learn and do with some inspirational speakers. Lastly there is a discussion at 11.55 on day 2 that looks behind the Brexit headlines with the head of insight from the Prime Minister’s office (Catherine Hunt) in which Brian Tarran is posing some big questions about insights role in steering the world to safe harbour, can’t wait to watch this!

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Amy Greenwood

Written by Amy Greenwood

Amy has a passion for understanding consumer behaviour and has developed a strong knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research amongst B2C and B2B audiences. Her adaptability is vital for working a multitude of diverse projects, successfully providing essential insights. You can follow Amy on Twitter.

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