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FlexMR 2015 New Year's Resolutions

As a forward-thinking research agency we are always keen to deliver change and drive innovation so it makes sense that we would make a few commitments in the spirit of the New Year to further spur our thoughts into action.

Our Resolutions

  • We resolve to be even more flexible in 2014 and that won't be through intensive yoga (although we do try!).We understand that timeliness and responsiveness is everything to our clients and customers and have forged a path that has made us well-known for making online research even faster and responsive.
  • In-line with resolution one we also recognise the need for our industry to be even more timely and focused with our participants too. We resolve to design (and support the design of) shorter, snappier research tasks, championing the value of a good quality 5 minute interaction.
  • We will continue not to view any request as static, whether that is a quick request for live chat focus group software or a requirement for a 4-month online community, we resolve to explore the details of every research request to ensure we deliver the best solution we can for your needs.
  • As online research experts we are extremely well-placed to bridge the gap between people's thoughts & predictions and their impulses & actions. We have done this through applying mixed methodologies to projects to ensure we capture actual as well as reported behaviour. Our software platform combines a wider mix of qual and quant techniques than any other and we resolve to bring more new methods to our clients and partners before the year is through!
  • Finally we won't just make 'to do' pledges, we will also resolve to give up a guilty pleasure, too. Now for us, it is fun and easy to critique the weaknesses of the industry, which of course is important in order to improve but we resolve to do less of this and more of the fixing, trying out new things, and innovating - focusing more on what we can do not what we can't.

Sorry to say giving up chocolate, cake and biscuits didn't make it onto our list but these are the oil that keeps the engines running in our office! What do you think of our resolutions? Will you join us in this pledge?

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Christopher Martin

Written by Christopher Martin

Chris is experienced in marketing strategy and brand development, which he uses to skilfully guide the FlexMR brand to its full potential. Chris works hard maximising opportunities and ensuring the brand’s offering is relevant and appealing to insights professionals. You can follow Chris on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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