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Read the latest thinking from the crossroads of marketing, insight and technology.

Posted by Christopher Martin on 21 January
As an industry, we are obsessed – and rightly so – with customer and user experiences; tangible value is gained from improving customer experiences. So why do we not explore participant experiences in the same way? How can we improve the participant experience for better valuable insights?
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Posted by Christopher Martin on 07 January
As research geeks, we love to read engaging commentaries, debates and opinions on methodologies, trends and innovations. These are the top 12 market research blogs we'll be following in 2019 to stay up to date.
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Posted by Christopher Martin on 18 December
The annual FlexMR Christmas Consumer survey finds a positive outlook for retailers & brands, with festive spending on the rise. A new challenge emerges in the form of fast-growing mobile purchasing behaviour and but a new opportunitiy too as consumers seek convenient experiences.
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Posted by Christopher Martin on 03 September
Making good decisions is an integral part of a successful business. What are the impacts of incorporating qual and quant data into the decision-making processes, and how can this be done?
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Posted by Christopher Martin on 31 August
Artificial intelligence is poised to have a revolutionary impact on the market research and insights industry. While there are limited of the technology in use today, the surface of possibilities has barely been scratched.
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