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Read the latest thinking from the crossroads of marketing, insight and technology.

Posted by Emily James on 15 October
With many brands becoming insight-driven, it is important to understand the challenges they will face. From higher competition to the practicalities of incorporating technology into their data analysis processes, this blog recognises the challenges ahead and suggests ways to overcome them.
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Posted by Laura Calvert on 10 October
In terms of research, sometimes ethical boundaries are not clearly defined and issues can arise very quickly. This blog outlines key ethical issues that researchers should be prepared to deal with, providing the knowledge of when to observe and when to act in the face of an ethical conundrum.
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Posted by Emily James on 01 October
Algorithmic bias means that machine learning and AI algorithms are becoming biased based on data that is not representative of the real world. This can have real consequences for the insights industry, so this blog looks at steps to addressing algorithmic bias in order to mitigate the consequences.
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Posted by Amy Greenwood on 28 September
As in-house insight teams are asked to increasingly conduct more research with tighter budgets, we explore whether zero-based-budgeting could hold the answer to better justifying research budgets and growing the role of insights throughout an organisation.
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Posted by Iulia Ghindeanu on 21 September
Subcultures are an extremely important part of society, but they don't normally get the attention they deserve in market research. In order for market research to remain unbiased and representative of all people, these sub-cultures must be reached and their opinions taken into account.
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